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How much will DVDBOX pay me ?

DVDbox pays $35 per signup or 50% rev-share.
Payment is made on the 1st and 16th of every month via Checks, Epassporte or Wire.

Do I have to have my own site to Promote DVDbox?

No you don’t!
Even if you don’t have your own site you can promote DVDbox using our Free Hosted Galleries or by sending traffic to our promotional pages.

I want to make my own galleries, can you give me content ?

Yes. DVDbox can provide webmasters who want to make their own galleries or promotionnal tools with free movie content. For more info on our free content or for any content requests, just contact us.

Do you have a webmaster referral program?

Yes we do. When you refer webmasters to DVDbox you get paid 5% of their revenue for the life of their account.

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